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Hessian Fabrics


We manufacture and supply a range of Hessian Cloth. This is a plain weave cloth produced from Jute with single warp and weft. All types of standard and non-standard Hessian cloth are available. Our Hessian cloth are extensively used for making bags or as a cover to pack the materials Jute Fabrics. Hessian cloth is also called Burlap comes in packed either in bales or in rolls.

Product Details:

Colour- Natural, Fullbright, Semi-bright, Bleached and Dyed Hessian Cloth
Material- Jute Burlap
Size/Dimension- Width from 22″ to 100″
Packaging Type- Packed in bales of various yards/meters and also in rolls ranging from 75 to 500 yards/meters.
Rot Proof- Yes
Quantity Per Pack- Varies
Weight-  Weights ranging from 5 oz to 16 oz / square yard.
Usage/Application- Packing/wrapping material for agricultural products (e.g. wool, cotton) Used in the tobacco industry.